Please note: I am currently not represented by an agent and am actively seeking representation. Any and all descriptions are from unpublished books.

OUT FROM UNDER (complete)


Seventeen-year-old Poppy Barlow thinks the world is on fire. Literally. After spending seven years in the safety of a bunker with her parents and an occasionally-violent, apocalypse-fearing man named David, she has no reason to suspect otherwise. So when her parents insist they escape when David is asleep, Poppy is shocked to see that the world is just as they left it.

A few days after arriving at their new home in England, their neighbor pulls them into one of the most elite inner circles in the world: the royal family’s. And one member of that family happens to be the seriously adorable Prince Henry, who Poppy can’t help but start falling for. By some miracle, Henry starts falling for her, too. The Queen, however, is more than a little skeptical of Poppy, and her weird upbringing and total lack of knowledge of what the world is like nowadays aren’t helping. Despite the stress of trying to win the Queen’s approval, Poppy feels like her new life is pretty close to perfect.

Until, that is, David decides he isn’t going to sit back and let the Barlows live happily without him – especially after he sees Poppy’s face on the cover of a tabloid linking her to Prince Henry. If David wins, Poppy will lose the crazy yet incredible new life she’s creating for herself. But if there’s one thing Poppy Barlow refuses to do, it’s lose. She can only hope that finding a way to outsmart David while still keeping Henry around doesn’t make her lose one of the most important things of all: herself.

PHASE ONE (complete)

VANISHING GIRLS meets ORPHAN BLACK in this YA thriller.

Zara Cavanaugh has always arrived at Stancliff Academy expecting to end up in detention within the first week of school. And when she arrives for her junior year and immediately senses something isn’t right, she’s pretty sure this year won’t be an exception. The posh boarding school’s campus is eerily quiet, and the headmistress is sneaking around like she’s got something to hide. Zara’s best friend, Andrew, urges her to put aside her suspicions to avoid getting in trouble for what must be the 50th time, but when they find a system of underground tunnels and a file of documents referring to students as “test subjects,” Zara becomes determined to figure out exactly what is happening at Stancliff.

But all of her digging and searching could end up breaking her. Her friendship with Andrew is starting to crack, and her other friends are putting themselves into dangerous – and maybe even deadly – situations in order to help figure things out. On top of that, she soon learns that she’s running out of time. If Zara and her friends can’t work together and end the testing by a certain date, they won’t only lose their real memories. They’ll lose their lives.

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