Bookmark This! The 73 Best Language Blogs To Help You Learn Any Language

You may remember that back in July, Fluent hosted a rather sensational giveaway featuring prizes from ItalkiRosetta Stone and more friends of the Fluent blog. The giveaway was amazing, with more than 500 of you entering to win a prize! What you might not remember is that during the entry form I also asked you about your favourite language learning blogs. These blogs have now been counted and used to create the first ever Fluent list of awesome blogs to learn languages.

the best language blogs

Altogether, we counted over 250 votes so check out this great list of blogs and let me know which one is your favourite in the comments. I had a lot of fun checking out all these blogs and hope you’ll discover some amazing new ones. Do share and bookmark this article and make it a resource for when you need motivation, or a laugh, or just a new place to find inspiration online!

The categories included are any language, German, French, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Russian, and Norwegian.

Blogs for Learning Any Language

1) Fluent in 3 Months

Benny Lewis remains the heavyweight in language learning blogs, with his established and award-winning platform right at the top at 58 votes. Congrats, Benny!

2) Fluent Language

Okay, this could have been totally biased but I’m proud anyway because 47 of you love the Fluent blog! My dedication to helping you learn any language with my articles and books is unwaivering. You can find all my articles with a quick search in the archive.

3) Italki

Surprise entry! The italki blog came in at number three, scooping up 30 votes. The site is huge and offers something for any learner, so go check it out.

4) the Polyglot Dream

Italian Luca Lampariello lives by the belief that you cannot be taught a language, you have to learn it. His blog bagged a respectable 10 votes.

5) r/languagelearning

Reddit! How can I describe it? The internet’s busiest message board? An amazing online community? Whatever it is, once you join Reddit you’ll be amazed at how much knowledge and discussion there is about any topic under the sun. The Language Learning subreddit is a place to give and find advice with a global community.

6) I Will Teach You a Language

You will? Bring it! Olly Richards is behind this fabulous promise and shares his own language learning journey as well as all he learns along the way.

7) Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner (an interviewee in Fluency Made Achievable) speaks five languages, sings arias and has a book published. Phew!

8) Speaking Fluently

This website is another big polyglot name’s blog. Richard Simcott makes videos in all kinds of languages, co-organises the annual Polyglot Gathering and learns, and learns, and learns.

9) Mezzofanti Guild

The Mezzofanti Guild is a group blog full of motivation, interesting observations and posts from some truly smart people. This blog’s been around a while and I recommend you check out their considerable archive!

10) Lindsay Does Languages

Look out for Episode 8 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast to get to know more about Lindsay, a total Youtube and blogging and online POWERHOUSE of the languages.

And here is the rest of the chart for learning and thinking about any language:

11) Rawlangs by Alex Rawlings

12) Words and Worlds of New York by Ellen Jovin

13) for pretty much any language

14) Actual Fluency by Chris Broholm

15) Interpals, the international pen pal exchange

16) Languages Around the Globe

17) Memrise

18) The Linguist – The Blog of Steve Kaufmann

19) How To Languages

20) Language Surfer

21) Lingholic by Sam Gendreau

The Best German Learning Blogs

1) Your Daily German

This amazingly approachable and detailed grammar blog bagged a whole five votes from the Fluent German learning gang and I can completely see why. It’s einfach super.

2) Deutsche Welle

Get news, courses, podcasts, anything from Germany’s biggest international broadcaster. Not a blog, but just an AMAZING resource.

And with one vote each:

3) Learn Out Live!

4) Deutsch für Euch on Youtube

5) Get Germanized on Youtube

6) Mr Antrim — You guessed it, on Youtube!

7) Aprender Alemão for Portuguese speakers

The Best French Learning Blogs

All of these came in at an equal amount of votes, so I’m going straight to the list:

1) Talk in French

2) Le Point du FLE – a great resource for teachers

3) Oui, c’est ça!

The Best English Learning Blogs

Equal votes for each.

1) Cork English Teacher on Facebook

2) English Baby, not just for babies

3) ESL Teaching tales, a really interesting teacher’s perspective

4) Happy English Blog

5) Grammarly

The Best Chinese Learning Blogs

Equal votes for each.

1) Chinesisch Trainer, a blog for Germans wanting to learn Chinese.

2) Chineasy

3) Hacking Chinese

4) Shiny Chinese

5) Yoyo Chinese

6) Dig Mandarin

The Best Japanese Learning Blogs

1) All Japanese All The Time

With four votes, this Japanese blog was the most popular among the blogs for learning a single language. I love the tagline: “You don’t learn a language. You get used to it.”

2) Tofugu

3) JLPT Boot Camp

The Best Korean Learning Blogs

1) Talk to Me in Korean

A runaway winner with five votes! This site is SERIOUS about Korean.

2) Sydney to Seoul

The Best Arabic Learning Blogs

Again, equal votes for each.

1) The Arabic Student

2) Learn Arabic with Maha on Youtube

The Best Dutch Learning Blog

Uncontested, tee hee!

Dutch Word of the Day

The Best Italian Learning Blog

The Iceberg Project

The Best Spanish Learning Blogs

1) El Español Sin Misterios

This Mexican blog for Spanish learners got the most votes, and it’s all in Spanish and full of interesting facts so you can really immerse yourself.

And the Runners-Up, with one vote each:

2) XKCD in Spanish

3) Lightspeed Spanish

4) El Blog de Español

5) Reflecciones

The Best Irish Learning Blog

Bitesize Irish Gaelic

The Best Russian Learning Blog


The Best Norwegian Life Blog

Life in Norway

Wow, thank you all so much for entering the giveaway and voting for your favourite blogs. The list above is amazing, such a great resource for learners of any language. What’s your favourite? Have you found something new in this list? Anything to add? Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think.

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