5 Finger Patterns for Beginners

Hey beginning pianist! Do you want to play piano well? Of course you do! If you want to be a good pianist with a solid understanding of music theory, you need to build a good foundation. The best place to start (once you know the letter names of the keys) is with a five-finger pattern! Five-finger patterns are the foundational […]

How to Sing Like Ed Sheeran

He counts Elton John and Eric Clapton as fans. He enjoys huge success on both sides of the Atlantic. He’s one of the biggest male pop stars alive. And he does it all seemingly effortlessly. Of course, that’s the huge secret of Ed Sheeran’s success: He makes it all look so easy, but in reality, friends say he works harder […]

Best Flutes for Beginners

For anyone not progressing fast enough learning on a poor quality flute, it can be difficult to pinpoint whether it’s the instrument or your skill set that’s not up to scratch. And there is no greater tragedy than giving up on your dream believing you lack the skills required to play flute when it is your cheap quality instrument that’s […]

12 Inspiring Blogs by Fellow Language Learners Who Totally Get It

1. Comical language learning: Itchy Feet Language learners across the web love Itchy Feet because it’s as hilarious as it is spot-on. Malachi makes comics on every language topic you can imagine, and they nearly always deal with the struggles and frustrations that we learners face as we study and use the languages we love. And there’s something about putting those everyday obstacles into […]

My pathway to corequisite courses

I absolutely love trying new things! From travel experiences to foods (as long as they are not stinky), I’m willing to attempt new things. My adventurous nature really shows in my teaching experience. For me, gone are the boring days of straight lecture. I’ve taught online, in a lecture/lab format, in a flipped format, modular (that’s similar to emporium), and […]

Dual-ly noted: What’s the fuss?

Seven years ago I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to envision an ideal high school, and to turn that vision into a reality. My school district had recently acquired a state-funded grant to found an Early College High School, a new and burgeoining concept melding secondary and post-secondary education. As an educator, program coordinator and instructional coach for Sheldon Early College […]